We design and produce products in different types of glass

Float Glass

Glass comum, also known as float

The creation process is based on making the glass (or its mass), not yet melted, float on molten tin. Then, after the glass gets the desired thickness, it is annealed, cooled and trimmed. Also called flat glass, float glass has excellent uniformity and has almost no optical distortion.

Frosted Glass

Great for decoration.

It is a float glass that, after an acid treatment on one of the faces, is rendered translucent. It is a glass that protects the visibility but lets the light through. It is excellent for decoration, in construction and furniture, being possible to temper without altering its design.


The new generation mirrors improve your home and help the environment

Produced without copper nor lead! A layer of silver is placed on one side of the glass and then covered by protective layers. This manufacturing process increases the durability of the product.

Laminated Glass

Quite used in construction

The laminated glass is a type of safety glass that holds together the shrapnel in the event of breaking. It is composed by two or more glass plates, which are joined by one or more intermediate layers of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) or resin.

Neoceramic Glass

Used in heat recuperators, blades and fireplace protectors

Heat resistant glass. Used in heat recuperators, being able to withstand temperatures up to 1200º. It can also be used for blades and fireplace protectors. It is also often used in home and industrial ovens.

Printed Glass

Due to the use of recycled material, it offers an added value for the protection of the environment

Printed glasses diffuse light and protect your home from prying eyes. The glass is bright and makes the room look more spacious. These glasses are easily associated with other materials such as wood, metal, stone.

Lacquered Steel

The lacquered glass associates the aesthetics of the lacquer with the glare of the glass.

The lacquered glass offer an opaque and colored appearance, which is obtained by depositing and heating of a high resistance lacquer layer on the back face of the glass.

Anti Reflection Glass

It has a high capacity for light diffusion.

The anti reflection glass reduces the reflection of visible light, offering a high level of transparency with a low residual reflection (of the surrounding environment), offering a better condition to observe the exact colors and contrasts of the objects.

Extra Light Glass

Windows, doors, interior decoration, furniture, partitions, floors, stairs.

The extra-light float is a float glass that has fewer metal oxides in its composition. This glass does not have a green coloration in thickness. Like normal float, it can be used as it is, or transformed (mirrors, laminated, double glazing or surface treatment, etc ...). It is ideal for lacquering because the colors do not alter.

Double Glass

A double glass for reinforced thermal insulation that combines the properties of low emissivity and solar control.

It is a double glass with insulation formed by two or more glasses separated by different profiles in which a substance is introduced in order to absorb the possible humidity of the air contained in the room.

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