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Our services are valued by the knowledge and experience of the quality and rigor of the company


With the need for a more durable glass, the process of transforming glass has emerged with the aim to transform it into more rigid materials with different characteristics, that offer even more benefits.


In addition to manufacturing, we also assemble and install any type of glass, such as colored glass, safety glass, mirrors or laminated glass, double glass, float glass, among others.


After installation of the glass, we guarantee costumer assistance and maintenance, including repairs, replacement of damaged parts and broken glass, giving the customer all the appropriate support for a complete and regular maintenance.
More than 20 years producing glass products

Who is Vidraria Coelho ®

Professionals with over 20 years of experience in the field of glass processing and placement

Vidraria Coelho operates in and outside Portugal, in collaboration with highly specialized professionals in the field of transformation, application of simple glass, tempered glass, double glazing, laminated glass, (...). Every day we work with the main goal of providing the greatest satisfaction to all our customers, providing the best solution available in every situation, regardless of the type of glass, and whatever the intended result.

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Glass Transformation

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Vidraria Coealho has a wide variety of types of glass, in order to answer to the various needs brought by each client

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More than 20 years producing glass products

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